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Office ID: #3905: 

Fairfield Ct, Just listed:  Business & Property: $1,500,000.00 With 25% down!
Balance $1,125,000.00, Can be financed with a bankThis is a fantastic opportunity to purchase a car wash and the property for a very reasonable asking! Here are some of the improvements that were installed! New Conveyor, New Point of Sale Controller, Three detail Bay’s, New Central Vacuum System, New Tunnel Heaters, Custom Built Customer Waiting Room, Just to mention a few, in short the landlord’s total capital improvements totaled, $186,000.00

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Suffolk County South Shore: “Just Reduced” Main East-West Road, Car Wash, Oil Change, C-Store & Gasoline Sales. For Sale @ $2,350,000.00. Great long-established business, Yearly cars washed, 50,000 cars @$21.00 average per car= $1,050,000.00. C Store Revenue, $550,000.00. Oil Change Revenue, $348,000.00. Gasoline & Diesel Sales, $259,353.00 Cash Flow, $584,793.00


Office ID: #217:

Suffolk County: Long Established Location, South Shore. For Sale @ $1,650,000.00 $750,000.00 Down, 23 years remaining on the lease. Cash Flow: $381,200.00. Last Year’s Cars Washed, 39,000 @ $16.50 = $643,500.00. Cars detailed, $250,000.00, Store Sales, $43,000.00, other income $50,000.00. Total Gross Sales, $986,000.00


Office ID: #219:

Suffolk County: FOR SALE, Unique one of a kind Car Wash. Business Only: $1,375.000.00. Property available. Car’s Washed Last Year: 16,500 @ $56.54 per Car. Last Year’s Gross Sales Include Detail & Store etc.: $932,921.00. Same Owner/Management, for The Last 15 Years “Ready to Retire” He is Producing One of the Highest Averages Per Car in The Industry, delivering the “Ultimate Full Service Wash” You Will Ever Experience. ((All Verifiable)) The Cash flow is $306,176.00.


Office ID: #220: Option #1

“Suffolk county south shore. Open almost 24 months. For Sale, Business & Property. $3,900,000.00. There is an adjoining piece that’s great for an oil change, also available if desired for an additional, $1,000,000.00. To date they grossed $1,143,560.00, with a cash flow of over $627,000.00. The sellers are looking for 50% down, they will finance the balance years, terms to be discussed! $627,000.00 in Cash Flow “Negotiable for all up front offers! We can help Financing with qualified purchasers.

 Office ID: #221: Option #2
“Suffolk county south shore. Same as above without the property. For Sale, Business only with a Twenty Five year lease.  $2,900,000.00 with $1,500,000.00 down.To date they grossed $1,143,560.00, with a cash flow of over $627,000.00. The sellers are looking for 50% down, they will finance the balance, terms to be discussed! $627,000.00 in Cash Flow “Negotiable for all up front offers! We can help Financing with qualified purchasers.



Office ID: #6105:

Long Established Car Wash for Sale – $1,300,000.00. Down Payment $700,000.00, Balance, $600,000.00, Seller Financed, Lease: Seventeen Years, Car Wash Volume: 65,000Cars, average per car, $13.95. Cash Flow $342,950.00. “Property Available


Office ID: #914:

Nassau County, Car Wash – FOR SALE @ $799,000.00, $450,000.00 Down. Car Wash Volume: 32,000 cars @ $16.00 Average per car. Last Year’s Gross Sales, $512,000.00. This location is presently operated absentee, with a manager. This is a great opportunity for an investor who will personally operate this location. location in the past produced double the cars by producing a consistent Clean Car. It will happen again!


Office ID: #912:

Suffolk County: Self-Serve Auto Spa, (Just Reduced) “Great Absentee Business, Long Established” Business & Property $1,900,000.0. Assumable $1,500,000.00 SBA Loan. Gross Sales: $360,000.00. Total Yearly Expense: $86,886.00. Yearly Cash Flow: $273,114.00.


Office ID: #2121:

Nassau County: South Shore. For Sale $990,000.00 with $400,000.00, Balance over 12 years @ 7%. Long Established Car Wash Location, over 50 years. Last Year, 36,000 Cars washed @ $20.00 Average per Car Gross Sales from All Services, $756,000.00. All Ballenger Equipment, McNeil Conveyor, All in Great Condition. With Aggressive on Site Management This Place Will Explode


Office ID: #4108:

Nassau County: “Full-Service Hand Car Wash” FOR SALE “Business Only”- $1,650,000.00, Down Payment – $500,000.00, assumable Note, “Twenty Year Lease”. Gross Sales Car Wash, $1,028,976.00 (Includes detail & Store Sales) Yearly Cash Flow: $507,856.00. Great opportunity!


Office ID: #6950:

Queens: For Sale -Car Wash, new Oil Change & Detail Center. For Sale @ $1,600,000.00. Down Payment, $1,000,000.00, Balance, $600,000.00. Seller financed Fifteen Years @ 6%. Lease: Twenty Years: Car Wash Volume Last Year: 75,000 Cars. Last Year’s Gross Sales Include All, = $1,050,000.00. Total Yearly Expenses: $562,700.00. Cash Flow. $487,300.00. Open 7 days’ from 7 a.m. To 7 p.m. Car Wash equipment all replaced. Sales above include new oil change income. Oil change equipment all purchased 2012 with two car lifts.


Office ID: #6962:

West Suffolk County: Main E/W Highway. For Sale @ $975,000.00, Down Payment $475,000.00, Balance Financed by Seller. Great Wholesale Dealer Detail Business Car Wash Volume: 36,219 Cars. Average per car, = $11.71 = $424,125.00. Details Washed: 3611 Cars @ Average per car, 81.82 = $293,285.00. Gross Sales from all Services, $741,098.00, Cash Flow, $334,422.00.


Office ID: #5550:

Just Listed” Long Established Successful location purchased and completely renovated by a firm that specializes in marketing great locations! All new equipment, interior and site completely updated. Offered for sale @ $3,000,000.00. sellers offer financing and open to down payment and terms.


Office ID: #9010:

High East End Of Suffolk County! FOR SALE @ $1,150,000.00. Lease Term: Twenty-Four Years Yearly Car Wash Volume: 20,000 Cars, @ a $40.00 average per Car! Other Income: Detail: Store: Advertising: Total Gross Sales, $801,000.00, “Cash Flow” $287,100.00. Can do much better w/onsite management!


Office ID: #9011: “Sold”


Office ID: #6000:

Brooklyn, Car Wash –For Sale $1,650,000.00, Down Payment: $650,000.00Car Wash Volume: 50,000.00 Cars @ $18.00 Ave Per Car = $900,000.00. Oil Change: 5,060 Cars @ $150.00 Ave Per Car = $760,000.090 Convenience Store Sale’s: = $90,000.0, Detail sales: = $210,000.00Last Year’s Gross Sales: $1,960,000.00. Twenty-Three Years Remaining on Lease


Office ID #1000:

  Bronx Car Wash For Sale @ $550,000.00. Wholesale-Accounts, Enterprise, washes 1,200 cars a month @5.00 per car. This location is run absentee with a manager. This is a great opportunity for a potential operator who can comprehend whats going on and restore operational stability. At present they show Gross Sales From All services; $281,396.00. The lease is 12 years and the Landlord will increase it!


Office ID #3903:

“Orange County, New York” Two Car Wash “LOCATION” Package Deal.$3,500,000.00, $1,000,000.00 Down, Balance Over 15 Years @ 6%. Two Newly Renovated state-of-the-art facilities. One location, established in 1962, is full service, express detailing and full detailing. The other location is express only exterior washing with brand-new micrologic pay stations. Labor includes Two Managers.


Office ID #3902:

 For Sale, Car Wash, $599,000.00, With Option to Purchase Property, 50% Down, Balance Over Ten Years @ 6%, The Seller is offering a new twenty-five-year lease, with an option to purchase the property. Presently operates with a manager, manager salary: $39,000.00. This location Averages $24.50 Per car: All expenses are fully verifiable! In the past, this location washed between 55, & 60,000 cars yearly: Last Year they only washed 17,240 cars!! If interested contact the broker for more information! And a full explanation of the low cash flow. All up Front Purchase Property & Business! $2,275,000.00, 50% down!